Are You Constantly Looking For Affordable IT Support For Your Company In Topeka, Lawrence, Manhattan or the surrounding area?

Dear Colleague,

I am amazed how unreliable and arrogant some computer consulting companies are. When you call them for support, you end up talking to their voicemail. Then when you finally get them on the phone, they make you wait hours — even days — before they can actually come out to see you. Even at that, a lot of them are late, never really explain what they are doing, and as a final insult, bill you for work that you are not satisfied with!

Enough Is Enough!

I think it’s about time an IT company finally got it right. That’s why I decided to start a “one company revolution” and commit my company to delivering fast, affordable computer network support from technicians who really know what they are doing.

Although I don’t think this is an amazing new concept, it still surprises me how many ITcompanies don’t get it right. After all, you and I know that there are plenty of computer consulting firms out there offering some type of network support; but an awful lot of them are new or just getting started in the business. Some will even outsource their clients’ projects to part-time technicians that are between jobs or to overseas companies.

We Have Been Locally Owned Since 1999

We have been servicing clients in and around Topeka, KS since 1999 and ALL of our engineers are full-time employees that hold the most up-to-date certifications and expertise in every area of networking. When you hire us for ANY project, not only can you expect it to be done right, but you can expect it to be done on time and on budget.

If you are a Topeka or surrounding area business owner and you are considering hiring a computer support company, I’d love to show you how we can help you get maximum benefit from technology. But before we talk, I’d like to offer you my free report “21 Critical Questions You MUST Ask Before Hiring Any Computer Support Company”. This free report will explain in simple, non-technical terms what you need to look for when outsourcing computer support.

After you have read the report, we’d be happy to talk to you about the challenges you face in your business and discuss ways that you might use technology to address them.  We can also do an in depth analysis of your current office and make specific recommendations that we have seen improve productivity and reduce costs.  I firmly believe that every investment in information technology should help you increase your bottom line and make your office more productive.

Whether you choose to implement our recommendations or not, the advice is yours at no charge and with no obligation!


Jim Driggers II
Network Technologies of Kansas, Inc


Is Your Budget Suffering From IT Support That’s Way Too Expensive?

Network Technologies of Kansas helps businesses like yours, with truly affordable Computer Support. “Can’t I get one flat price for Network and Computer repairs, instead of paying for hour after hour of service?” Ever wondered the same thing? Our team of experts specializes in IT Consulting, so you can count on us for flat rate service in and around Topeka.

With Network Technologies of KS as your reliable partner in IT, you can:

  • Get IT problems off your mind - and let our team of experts take on your technology.
  • Have control of your IT budget - with services and support based on flat monthly fees.
  • Invest in a long-term technology solution - with IT support for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Network Technologies of KS offers Computer Support that can finally help you afford everything you need for a fixed monthly rate. Serving Topeka, Lawrence, Meriden and Emporia, our well-designed Computer Support will simplify your finances, not further complicate them.

With IT Consulting and Network Repair built around your unique budget, you can take advantage of our services without worrying about the bill. Technology doesn’t have to be expensive.

Areas Covered

We provide a range of Computer Support, Network Services (covering Network Repair and Network Installation) and IT Consulting in Topeka, Lawrence, Manhattan, St. Marys, Wamego, Meriden and Emporia.

Local experts who can visit on-site: Topeka Computer Support, Lawrence Network Services, Manhattan Backup and Data Recovery, Topeka Computer Support, Lawrence Virturalization, Manhattan Email and Spam Protection, Wamego Hosted Software, Lawrence Website Hosting and Emporia Backup and Data Recovery.